N 18 grd 40' 34.83"
E 99 grd 06' 19.56"
Alt: 988 FT

Rad 125, DME 9.8 NM

How to go by car


Runway Dimensions: 660 m x 18 m, surface asphalt

Landing: 09 Usable Rwy. length 526 m + 30 m
Displaced Threshold
27 Usable Rwy. Length 480 m + 30 m
Displaced Threshold

Take off: 09 Usable Rwy. length 480 m + 30 m
Displaced Threshold
27 Usable Rwy. length 526 m + 30 m
Displaced Threshold

(30 m asphalt safety area on both ends of the runway)


       Approach RWY 09

1. Houses and trees in the west of the runway

2. Radio tower approx. 1.3 km Southwest of the runway. The tower is painted red and white. Height; approx. 200 ft AGL

3. IMPORTANT!!! Trees, planted by Nok Airfield in the east of the runway. "Nok Airfield" has been licensed in 2005 by the DCA only 270 m east of our runway!

Flight Procedures

1. Regulations and Waiver of Liability:
VTCM is a private airfield. PIC of visiting aircraft must read and accept the "Regulations" of Lanna Airport and the "Waiver of Liability" before being allowed to land at VTCM

2. Flight Plan:
File a Flight Plan to VTCM (Lanna Airport, Ban Thi)

3. ATC:
Chiang Mai Approach (129.60 MHz.) will guide you to the airport and provide traffic information.

"Nok Airfield" has been licensed only 270 m east of our runway.

5. Remote controlled aircraft to the south east
We have got neighbors to the south-east flying remote controlled aircraft (one of them is a very fast jet plane). Please Use a pattern to the north of our airfield. Pattern height: 1700 ft MSL.

6. Runway in use:
Use Rwy 27 for landing and Rwy 09 for take off (if possible) to avoid unnecessary noise. There are some houses at the west-end of the runway.


Facilities / Services

Aircraft parking Hangar parking:
4'000 Baht / m
Tie-down parking:
2'500 Baht / m
Free short time parking up to 2 days
Maintenance Maintenance is available by prior arrangement
Fuel AVGAS 100LL: Available by prior arrangement, approx. 60 Baht / liter (depending on market price).
Clubhouse With large Verandah and Bar
Ground transport Transport to downtown Chiang Mai is available by prior arrangement : 400 Baht / car
Accommodation Chiang Mai has a large variety of Hotels, Guesthouses and Resorts in and around the town. Please let us know if you would like to make bookings for you. For further information about Chiang Mai go to:


How to find us by car

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